Choose to Reuse

Why Choose to Reuse?

You may be accustomed to seeing products displayed in cardboard boxes in grocery stores. And while recycling those boxes is good, according to the EPA, reuse is better! That's why Reusable Produce Containers (RPCs) were created: for grocers to ship, store and display fresh produce in, all in an environmentally friendly way that reduces waste.

You see, RPCs are not only environmentally friendly because they reduce waste, but they also cut costs while keeping the delicate foods you love fresh and protected throughout shipping.  While grocers are good about recycling what they can, many of the cardboard boxes used to ship produce in are coated in wax and other materials that make them unsuitable for recycling. RPCs are made of durable plastic, designed to be reused for over 10 years! Even if one breaks, it is ground into pellets and melted down to make new containers, which means zero waste!

Compared to boxes, RPCs...

  • Require 39% less energy
  • Produce 95% less waste
  • Generate 29% fewer greenhouse gas emissions

Recycling is a start, but reuse is smart. You can Choose to Reuse by shopping at grocers who use RPCs everyday.

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