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What are Reusable Produce Containers?

Reusable produce containers (RPCs) are used for storing and shipping produce in place of disposable or recyclable cardboard boxes in order to not only better protect fresh fruits and vegetables, but also to reduce waste and other environmental impacts.

The containers are rented by farmers and packed with the fresh fruits and veggies you love right from the fields.  The farmers ship the RPCs filled with produce to grocery stores, where they are kept safe and fresh throughout the shipping process. Then the grocery store will often place the containers directly onto the display racks in your produce department.

Sometimes, grocers remove the fruit or vegetables from the RPCs and place it directly onto a display in your store, but even if you don't see the containers, the grocers always reuse the containers by sending them back to the farmers so they can be cleaned and filled with more fresh fruits and vegetables from their fields.

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